ISBN:  978-1-944258-2-07

His secret might save the Super Min, but will the truth cost him his heart?

Tasked to bring a group of mom-and-pop convenience stores under one corporate umbrella, willowy blonde Charlotte Oak seizes the opportunity to secure her any means necessary.  But the hunky clerk who refuses to sell the Super Min to her not only blocks Charlie’s path to success, he forces her to take a good, hard look at herself.  And she doesn’t like what she sees.

Self-made billionaire Josh McLean sure does, though.  When the golden-haired beauty struts into his Aunt Charity's Super Min, Josh wants nothing more than to wine and dine the newcomer like only the head of a Fortune 500 company can...until he discovers her real purpose in coming to Barefoot Bay will destroy the heart and soul of Mimosa Key.


This story is set in a world based on Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Series.  It is published with the permission of Roxanne St. Claire. Visit her website for links to her books and more information.