ISBN:  978-1-944258-07-8

Her entire life is based on a lie.

Rocked by the discovery of a long-hidden family secret, high school teacher Meridith Robins embarks on an increasingly dangerous journey to uncover the truth about her past. Her efforts take her to the middle of the Amish countryside outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she infiltrates a harsh religious cult in order to meet its mysterious founder—her father. 

The ink has barely dried on Brad Lang’s medical license when yet another in a recent spate of troubling accidents lands newcomer Meridith on his exam table.  Concerned for the raven-haired woman’s safety, Brad warns Meridith away from the ruthless men in charge of the ragtag group known as The Prepared.  His fears mount when Meridith appears to fall under the spell of the sect’s charismatic leader and disappears behind the compound’s fortified walls.

With guards monitoring her every move, Meridith soon realizes that getting into compound of The Prepared was the easy part.  Escaping—with her father—requires far more strength and courage than she possesses in this taut suspense by National Readers’ Choice Award winning author Leigh Duncan.


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