The Hometown Heroes Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-944258-18-4

More than hooks and lines are in the lesson plans when an upcoming fishing trip with his new business partners forces a hunky thoracic surgeon to work hand-in-hand with a feisty fly fishing instructor.

Dan Hamilton is a foster care success story who lives for the day he can help give kids stuck in “the system” a good start in life. His wildest dreams are finally within reach when Dan is asked to join in building an exclusive medical center on Florida’s east coast. Widowed Jessica Cofer wants little more than to help her young son grow into an honest man and preserve the natural beauty of Phelps Cove.

When Dan and Jessica meet, their temperatures rise faster than mercury on a summer day...until she learns the handsome doctor has his eye on more than her curves—he plans to steal the land from under her feet.


About The Hometown Heroes Series:

A group of college friends took part in a weekend cattle drive on the banks of Lake Okeechobee.  Now, ten years later, they're saving lives and winning hearts throughout Florida in a brand new series by Leigh Duncan.


* This classic Leigh Duncan original was first published in 2011.  Given a fresh, new look for The Hometown Heroes Series, DAN has been revised and contains brand new material.


"...Was SO cute! I enjoyed every minute of it, and Ms Duncan's characters were positively lovable. Not to mention the heart-warming story line that made the perfect ending to such a sweet book. Doesn't every book need an ending like that?Gives the term “beach read” a whole new meaning..."  -- 5 stars, The Literary Connoisseur

"A romance with heart."  -- 5 Stars - Long and Short of It Reviews





Book 3 in The Hometown Heroes Series